Thursday, 8 June 2017

what is the Right age?

Two mornings ago, I had a near panic attack because for some silly reason I suddenly felt like I was too old to do something I had desired for a long time and was finally taking steps to acquire. I started thinking about “all my mates” and how they had gone ahead to do certain things earlier. I felt regret and questioned why I had wasted my time in jobs or relationships that did nothing positive for me and also why I had remained afraid for so many years! It didn’t take me long to realise I was about to completely stumbled into a dark place I had been before and I knew once I got there, coming out would be hard.
At that moment, I heard it clearly in my mind “You are at the Right age!”
I laughed; it was both shocking and comforting! But I believed it without a doubt.
Recently I have been practicing fixing every warped mind set and being more in control of my thoughts; it is such an amazing thing to realize and I am beginning to feel like Dr Strange or Jean Grey or something……err okay but you get my drift!
A few days ago I spoke to a Life Coach who asked me to write down what I felt was my greatest belief that was holding me back from being all I can be. I did that and then he asked “who told you this? What happened that made you believe this? Then please prove it to me that this is true!” After a few minutes, it dawned on me that there was no concrete cause; I mean there were events and experiences and maybe even someone constantly said negative things to me but I genuinely had no proof that this destructive belief was absolutely true and at that moment, I was reminded that over the years I had believed different lies and convinced myself of what wasn’t true and unfortunately my reality often caught up with my mind.  
I wanted to share this revelation/lesson and while I started typing this post, I found something I had written a few months ago. They are questions I was randomly asking a character who felt dejected and desired death.  
Who told you their sin was your fault?
Who told you this experience is peculiar to only you?
Why do you believe your present situation or status will last forever and not get better?
What made you accept that dysfunction as a norm?
Who defined what is cool or acceptable?
Who said you had run out of time?
When did imperfection become a weakness?
Who told you, your solution lies in belittling yourself? Or your expectations will be accomplished quicker if they are smaller.
Who came up with the conclusion that no one can love you genuinely and unconditionally?
Who decided that this is all you are or ever will be?
When was it decided you are a failure? And by whom?
And how dare you believe their lies?

So while I would never encourage anyone to play the blame game, I want us to shut out the lies we are told daily and to KNOW, ACCEPT and APPLY the power we have to control our minds, protect our heart and take charge to create the life we truly desire. Sometimes we hold a meeting within our own mind and decide to forge ahead on a van of lies; no external influence, just a self-conviction that we are no good. But that needs to end; we need to stop standing in our own way. You are not too old or too young, or too uneducated or too ANYTHING!!! You are YOU and you will do what you need to when it is time to do it!  


  1. Aanuoluwapo!!!!! God bless you for this word in season! It's so easy to get caught up in our minds and live in fear constantly (not even knowing that we are doing just that). Like you inferred, the timing of our lives must differ from that of others by the mere fact that we are unique individuals. "You are you and you will do what you need to when it is time to do it." AMEN to that!