Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Emotions or Intent?

I have not really taken the time to understand what it means to be intentional in your dealings/daily activities; until this morning as I lay in bed and I was haunted by the promises I made to get up and pursue my dreams of having a healthier lifestyle. Weirdly, I recalled a few encounters with the word and after like 12 minutes, (yes because I looked at my watch from when I woke up to when I eventually sat up) I knew what ‘intentional’ should mean to me.
People who get up and have a routine are not aliens nor is it amusing to them but they have results they intend to achieve; the same with people who have and stick to their weekly or monthly budgets or a musician who practises that routine everyday without fail; it almost made me cringe in shame when in the Nike commercial I heard Serena say practicing everyday for 30 years isn’t fun, meaning she did it and would continue to.
Occasionally I allow my activities to be dictated or influenced by emotion; while that in itself is not a totally bad thing, I realise I need to learn to act even when I am not in the mood and this is what I imagine to be ‘integrity to self’. I know the right thing to do but sometimes I do not do it, causing me to lose a moment; miss an opportunity to share a very vital message or gain something I need.
To me being intentional is being disciplined; having a clear picture of what you would like to attain and then taking diligent calculated steps to it, even seemingly vain or intangible steps. I know someone who chooses her social gatherings and when she is there, doesn’t make too much noise or appear loud and aggressive, doesn’t speak vernacular and always has a small smile hanging on her lips; she never misses the opportunity to appear beautiful, friendly and approachable and also is never afraid to say hello to who she needs to say hello to; let us just say her personal and professional market is selling!
It is easy to be jealous of people and compare ourselves to others, especially those whom we have watched grow to become a certain level of successful but we do not know their ‘behind the scenes’ so rather than dull ourselves, please let’s get up and begin to do things with intent.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fear is ok

Fear is a constant companion
Not paranoia that there is a monster under my bed or behind the door; I have embraced the truth that there are unseen creatures constantly lurking so it’s fine
I mean full blown trepidation that used to completely hinder my life’s progress and because I genuinely believed things ought to be better than they were, I was sad, felt powerless and alienated myself from opportunities; I didn’t feel worthy or adequate
I was often worried about people’s opinion if they heard I tried something and failed so I didn’t go for what I wanted. And even when I succeeded or made progress, I didn’t want to spread the news because I felt it was only a matter of time before I fell back into the dark low place.
Consistency demanded so much more than I was sometimes willing to give.
But I learnt something truly vital; that it is wise to document my wins! Because that is what will keep me going. I am often anxious of the future so I decided to focus and be a good version of myself right now! To be present and deal with my ‘now’ because my daily good ‘nows’ will cumulate and make it somewhat easier to have a good tomorrow as well.
I tell myself “You are an amazing human being not a perfect one; your flaws and failures are part of the package. And being on top today, below tomorrow and then on top again is such a success story in itself that it can actually help others get up too.”
How great does it feel to know your ‘supposedly insignificant self’ helped someone else be significant? This is easier said than done but we truly need to learn how to keep going in spite of all.
I have had days of lying down in the dark, with absolutely no strength to cry. I have been so cynical to man and God that I was filled with shame when I recovered and wondered how God forgave me with all the things I allowed dwell in my mind. I have questioned my faith and love and heart and wished for death more times than I would like to admit – for myself and for others.
I have seen good things happen to me yet in the process of celebrating a voice would rise up in my head telling me how I shouldn’t be happy because it will be short lived and almost instantly I would forget my blessings and become afraid or moody for no reason.
It is not a good life to live and I did it for too long but I have decided to stay on the path of recovery; to act in spite of my fears, to learn what I do not know, to get up yet again no matter how many times I lapse and to not look at other people’s journey while I am on mine.
The beautiful truth is in all that darkness, the stars still shone!  

Friday, 12 August 2016

Peace is Power

noun \ˈpēs\
1 a. freedom or a period of freedom from public disturbance or war
   b. a quiet and calm state of mind
   c. agreement and harmony among people

2. From the Hebrew word ‘Slm or Shalom (שָׁלוֹם) which means “to be complete” or “to be sound”

3. Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions

I crave peace; I am so attracted to calmness, the pull amazes me
I really became aware of this recently and I love it although sometimes it scares me because when all is calm, I sometimes fear it would soon get ruffled and I am anxious and defensive.
I also noticed a few more people in the universe are becoming aware of this as well; I told myself a few times that I wanted to write down things I was learning about peace but I kept stalling and then one day I go trolling on Instagram and boom, about 1 million (I exaggerate) people had something to say about Peace. Once again, I was reminded that The Source doesn’t drop ideas into the heart of only one person per time. And that we truly attract what we focus on. So rather than get upset and lose my peace, I embrace and enjoy the knowledge shared.
I am going through a transition; it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and I feel so unsettled but I am learning to find peace in all the chaos. It is not the easiest thing because panic and anxiety are the default setting but I realised that when I can finally settle and breathe I can focus on the hope that is lurking; and then I find the strength to continue.
I have experienced and decided that in peace, I am able; I have an ability to function, to control my wandering emotions and thoughts in order to make progress.
And I stand now with the truth that this Peace that is beautiful and so empowering, is not an external force I have to toil for but it already resides inside of me; I just needed enough challenges to reveal what is truly important; frequent feelings of being overwhelmed and the realisation that my solutions will not be presented to me by other humans and physical possessions.
For all of life’s unpleasantness and the battles on their way, at the end of each one, Peace will be one of my rewards! 

Friday, 5 August 2016

In Love and in Light

A few years ago I experienced somethings that I could best describe as darkness; one day in this period I was asked to pray in a gathering and I found myself asking God to give us Light, to just flood His light into all the darkness. That was how I felt then, and recently the same feeling has tried to return.

I say tried because I have learnt and grown enough to understand that darkness WILL ALWAYS give way to Light and it is my responsibility to ensure this; sitting in a dark room and wishing for light won’t cause it to come but rather I have to walk to flip the switch or at least put on a candle or a torch light or open the windows to cause natural light in.
And sometimes this light we feel we need is simply an awareness; just to know more. I think of the scripture “Hosea 4:6a (NKJV) – My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge…….” and I know I have been a victim of this, like I have literally just lost because I didn’t know enough due to immaturity, pride or laziness to do what was necessary.

I recognize that sometimes we genuinely have no control, we are overwhelmed, have no form of direction and just exhausted from all of life’s demands but this phase eventually transitions into another one. In reality, you may transition into what feels like ‘another phase of war’ and you wonder when you will catch a break and then after time passes you look back and realise you survived.

I like to document my lessons through different experiences or phases; some take longer that others to imbibe; some I forget and overtime some change or become ‘expanded’.

ü  I have learnt to stop seeing my daily expectations/responsibilities as stressful tasks but as me being consistent in the right habits and activities.
ü  I chose to love me; and to protect my peace and self-worth
ü  I chose to consistently educate myself enough to know who I am, what I desire, what I deserve, what I am ignorant about, what I need to fix and how to treat others.
ü  I know that I have everything I need; don’t be so shallow to limit this to just physical things. I know it’s hard to understand or explain or accept but it is a truth I am learning to embrace. Reach within; deep enough and you will find what you are looking for.

A few weeks ago, I created and posted the image above on Instagram (change my typo from “does” to “those”, sorry I was excited) and in the caption I said Because this is real life. And sometimes it will be more than one war at a time. Negotiate with yourself because there is ALWAYS enough inside to keep you going! Remember on bad days that you have already been built for this. You'll look back and smile, through the stress, scars and tears, you WILL”
The truth is a few minutes before I did it, I was sitting on my bed, looking out the window totally exhausted and wondering if I would survive that evening! Then from nowhere I started talking to myself……scratch that…….it felt more like someone started talking to me because the voice was so sure of herself, extremely confident, strong and filled with LIGHT; a light that had gotten rid of darkness.
ü  The physical is almost insignificant compare to what we do not see- this deserves its own post.
ü  I am learning to resist being static even in the midst of chaos or fear; I must go on
ü  Joy and Strength are not mutually exclusive- haven’t you noticed when you have genuine Joy you can just function?!
ü  I am never left completely empty or alone or disadvantaged – I ALWAYS have something left; something that will restore or comfort or sustain me to the next point.
ü  Have Courage – this is so vital and is a continuous process of acceptance.
Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently” - Maya Angelou
2 Timothy 1:7 New Living Translation (NLT)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Willing to share Highlights

It is not news that I like Makeup and I like writing too
I try but fail sometimes to combine both though I have done so in the past.
It’s one of my dreams to teach makeup to ‘normal’ people……what I mean by normal is regular everyday people who want to look nice and presentable and not collapse under the pressure of the perfect chiseled face and surprised eyebrows we are consumed with from social media.
So when a writer I admire asked that I do a makeup tutorial for her blog, I was first afraid and then decided to share what I know and do it anyway! So please go on to  and read about ‘Highlighting’ your face!
And I hope it’s easy enough for a normal person to follow ;  )
I appreciate your opinion so come back here to comment or ask beauty related questions! Thank you